Grow Your Brand across Europe without Barriers

Reach millions of customers with our support.

You will start selling your products and growing your brand immediately in all European marketplaces without headaches about barriers like VAT, Amazon account management, warehousing, returns management, and so much more...

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Engycon - Your Partner to grow Your Brand in Europe

With our offices in Taiwan and Germany we simplify European expansion for Amazon sellers! 

No matter whether your brand is big or small, with Amazon's network your business can act as a global company. Reaching millions of customers across Europe will boost your product sales and take your brand to the next level.

By using our experience, support and infrastructure, you can achieve success in Europe faster. With our local presence in Germany we can offer you specialized warehousing services including efficient returns management. Our management team in Taipei is always there for you.

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Expanding to Europe is a Chance that comes with many Challenges

Developing your online business in Europe also means dealing with:

  • Amazon Seller Central Account Management.
  • Content management/product listings in all marketplaces/languages.
  • PAN-EU-program for cost - effective selling across Europe.
  • VAT tax registration in all respective countries.
  • The entire accounting process and tax - compliance.
  • Customer support in multiple languages.
  • Managing returns and quality.
  • Warehousing and logistics.
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We have experienced and overcome all these challenges ourselves. Since 2013 we have successfully launched and managed many products in Europe. At Engycon, we are an international, experienced team specialized in multi-channel eCommerce.

Based on our experience we have developed a framework and processes that allow us to support you to also sell your products without facing those challenges in the European market. This means, that you can immediately start selling your products.

We can help you to achieve the your Goals

Start Selling in Europe

You already have a quality brand and product. (If necessary, we can support your EU brand registration.)

Grow Sales in Europe

You already sell your products in Europe and you want to improve the product listings and grow sales. 

Expand to Europe

You sell your product in Taiwan and / or the US  and want to expand to Europe without headaches.

Always One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

Free Strategy Meeting

Meet us for a free analysis of your current situation and products. We will give you feedback on the potential of your products and we will suggest strategies on how to start and / or grow in the European market. Coffee is on us!

Grow your Brand and Profits effortless

Based on our strategy meeting you can decide to work with us. Leverage your growth with our support!

Visibility for your Products on Amazon

More than 70% of customers buy their products exclusively on page 1 of the Amazon search results page. We help you to improve your ranking systematically by creating & optimizing product listings in all European marketplace languages.

Personalized Service by native European Experts

Start your cooperation with our international team of European Experts here in Taiwan. We sell on Amazon since 2013 and have first hand expertise and understand what matters regarding market, regulations, language and culture. 

We will offer our services to you only if there is no conflict of interest and we always respect your intellectual property.

Gain More Time for Your Business (and yourself)

Managing an Amazon business successfully requires focus and effort, which is easily underestimated. With our help you can outsource this task completely or in parts and free up your resources for product development and other core tasks to grow your business.

Our Services

We can offer to handle your returns management, manage your complete Amazon account OR customized services according to your needs.

Logistics & Returns

We can manage the entire return process for you

  • Receiving & Storing
  • Visual inspection
  • Documentation
  • Repacking & Labelling
  • Function test
  • Shipment to AMZ
  • optional: Storage & Warehouse
  • optional: Adding of marketing materials
Manage Your Account

We can do everything for you using your account

  • Amazon account management
  • End customer support
  • Sales and Data analytics
  • optional: PPC advertising
  • optional: Returns Management
1-Stop "Hands-Off"

We can do everything for you using our account

  • Amazon product management
  • End customer support
  • Sales and Data analytics
  • Logistics support
  • VAT handled by us
  • optional: PPC advertising
  • optional: Returns Management
Customized Services

Tell us how we can help you


  • Listing Optimization
  • Multilanguage Support
  • A+ Content
  • Amazon Brand Stores
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Launch
  • Webshop Creation
  • Amazon PPC Management

About Us

If you want to successfully sell your products in Europe, you need partners who understand the local market, the language and the culture. The Engycon team is your European partner here in Taiwan that developed an expertise in e-commerce on many sales channels over the past years.

You want to sell in Europe?  We are here to help you succeed!